Wrinkle Resistant Fabric Banners

High Quality, Expertly Finished Fabric Banners at Low Prices!

Wrinkle Resistant Fabric Banners 

Our printable fabric has a low light reflection and is wrinkle resistant. Because of their eye-catching visual appeal and the unique finish fabrics have on printed graphics, fabric banners are an excellent alternative to traditional banners when you need a vibrant indoor display. 

These banners can now be hung both outside and inside. Fabric banners are ideal for draping from the ceiling or hanging on a wall, and are one of the most popular options for special events. Because of their light weight, they can be used as table tops, photo backdrops, and elegant popup displays. 

At trade shows, custom printed table throws can draw attention to your exhibition stand. It reflects your company’s mission and adds some colour to your surroundings. However, once the event is over, they are placed in a storage box, ready to be used at the next trade show. And no matter how careful you are, they get wrinkled somewhere along the way. Wrinkled tablecloths and backdrop displays will give your booth an unprofessional appearance.  

To easily distinguish yourself from the competition, use high impact imprinting to effectively communicate your brand message. You can finally unwind because your wrinkle-free printed fabric and graphics will look great show after show. The polyester blend fabric is heat resistant and machine washable, ensuring that your investment looks great every time. Between shows, keep all components in a sturdy case that can be shipped throughout Australia.