Printing to Fabric

If you are looking for high quality displays , backdrops, promotional banners or point of sale prints at great prices than printing to fabric is the answer. New print technology is changing the process of printing to fabric. This is particularly so in the displays and promotions business. New processes like dye sublimation printing and high resolution digital printing have improved the print resolution as well as the economics of printing to fabric. The combination of new tighter weave fabrics that produce better resolution and this new , faster printing are designed to capture a lot more of the displays , promotions and point of sale market. High speed dye sublimation printers can churn through large volumes of work, which means that it is very competitive with the traditional laminated poster or vinyl printing market. This has opened up new opportunities for printing to fabric as the look and feel of fabric display banners has a much higher perceived quality than just basic vinyl or the traditional laminated posters. The flexibility of being able to hang, rope, wire, attach with Velcro or stretch over a stand, means there is a viable solution to every display situation.
  • High Quality Printing with UV Resistant Inks
  • Durable Long Life Fabrics
  • Many Finishing Options
  • Excellent Prices
Ring today on 1300 556 589 and speak to one our specialists about your next marketing project using printing to fabric. For pricing, production and delivery details regarding Printing to Fabric in Sydney , Melbourne , Brisbane, Adelaide , Perth, Canberra, Hobart, Gold Coast , Newcastle, Geelong, Sunshine Coast please call our central number 1300 556 589 The way in which fabric posters and banners can be finished means that there is a lot of flexibility in the way they are hung or attached to walls , ceilings or windows. This means good presentations with high impact fabric prints can be set up in just about any environment with minimal cost or need for tradesmans complex fixing styles. The other breakthrough is in the fabric material where we offer Fire Resistant fabric banners and Crease Resistant fabric banners. Increasingly , exhibition centres are making it a condition of hanging fabric that it is not readily flameable. The Printsmart Lotus display 160 fabric is ideal for this situation as the material will not ignite even under a naked flame. Another example of the benefits of printing to fabric is the exhibitor travelling overseas to exhibitions that are now taking a series of high resolution fabric banners with them as on board luggage as they are foldable and light weight. They can turn up at their exhibition booth and have a high quality display set up in a matter of minutes.