Exhibition Wall Fabric Prints

High Quality, Expertly Finished Fabric Banners at Low Prices!

Exhibition Wall Fabric Prints 

At Printsmart, we are specialist printers of high quality, low cost fabric wall banners for Exhibition booth walls. We also supply special free standing displays stands using fabric banners.

When it comes to creating a compelling design for your Exhibition Booth Wall that really stands out, we can help as we have much experience in themeing the Exhibition Booth Walls or using free standing displays and Roll up Stands for the larger floor area.

Creating a single large fabric print or a series of panels that can attach directly to the Exhibition walls gives you the opportunity to really create a high impact look for your booth at a very modest cost.

The print production is very high resolution on a special lotus display fabric that is both fire resistant and wrinkle resistant.

We supply any size custom size or style of fabric print as well as a wide range of display stand models at very good prices.

Please call us today on 1300 556 589 for a quote or just to discuss the best options for your stand.