Setting up Artwork

Supplied Banner Artwork must be:

As a pdf with fonts changed to outline or curves please. With trim marks only and 20mm bleed.

Banner Artwork options:

Images need to be at least, Medium quality: 100dpi@100%printsize. Or best quality: 150dpi@100%printsize. (Also you can create your artwork and then distill it, using Acrobat Distiller on the High Quality Print Settings. This makes a much smaller file, rather than just creating a pdf straight from your Indesign or Illustrator file).

Sending Artwork options:

Email to us: If file size is less than 12mb Artwork can be emailed to Margaret (Printsmart Graphic Artist) Email: YouSendit: If file is over 12mb Please go to: Then please fill in your name, email, subject, a quick message explaining what is attached. Then select your file and click on send it. You will then need to wait until you the page says: “Upload Success"