Setting up Artwork

Supplied Banner Artwork must be:

As a pdf with fonts changed to outline or curves please.

With trim marks only and 20mm bleed.


Banner Artwork options:

Images need to be at least,

medium quality: 100dpi@100%printsize.

Or best quality: 150dpi@100%printsize.

(Also you can create your artwork and then distill it, using Acrobat Distiller on the High Quality Print Settings. This makes a much smaller file, rather than just creating a pdf straight from your Indesign or Illustrator file).


Sending Artwork options:

Email to us: 

If file size is less than 12mb

Artwork can be emailed to Matthew (Printsmart Graphic Artist)



We Transfer (you can upload up to 2gb for free)

If file is over 12mb

Please go to:

Then please fill in your name, email, subject,

a quick message explaining what is attached.

Then select your file and click on send it.

You will then need to wait until you the page says:

“Upload Success”


If you have any queries please call the office on 1300 556 589 or email our art department

Our experienced, friendly staff will step you through the process for you and ensure we print the best layout and design that we can with the files you supply.

Setting up your artwork has never been easier!