Trimming and Finishing Options for Fabric Banners

 Trimming and Finishing Options for Fabric Banners

We believe it is just as important for your fabric banners to be expertly finished and trimmed as it is for them to have high quality printing.

The edging must be straight, the sewing of pockets and loops double stitched , the velcro permanently stitched or the flag strapping and clips done right.

This is where Printsmart Displays really stands out. We have a world class finishing department who are committed to ensuring that all the good work in the print quality is followed up with superb finishing. We pay attention to the detail.

One of the reasons the use of printed fabric banners has grown so strongly is they provide so much flexibility in how they are used and transported. With a wide range of finishing styles available there are few situation where a fabric banner is not the ideal display solution.

Please call us today on 1300 556 589 to talk to one of our team so that we may fully understand your particular needs and how your fabric banners can best be finished and trimmed to suit your next outdoor or indoor display situation .

High Quality Finishing and Trimming makes all the difference to a quality Fabric Display Banner:


Folded and Sewn               Edges trimmed and sealed with heat knife

Flag clips and Hooks                     Double Sided Finishing

Metal eyelets and Reinforced edges         Velcro sewn on back of the fabric

Pockets and Grommets                Strong Headband straps and webbing

Plastic hooks and clips                   Rods top and bottom for hanging banners

Metal hooks and clips                   Band Clips

For more detailed information options , costs and production time for Finishes and Trimming of Fabric Banner Brisbane , Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide , Perth , Canberra, Darwin, Gold Coast , Sunshine Coast, Newcastle please ring on our central phone number: 1300 556 589