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High Quality , Expertly Finished Fabric Banners at Low prices!
At Printsmart Graphics we specialise in producing high quality printed fabric banners at affordable prices. Whether you are looking for just one banner or fifty, large or small, we would love to hear from you. Fabric banner printing has come along way in the last few years and just gives you so many options. The flexibility of being able to hang, rope, attach with Velcro or rods means there is a viable solution to every display situation. Without breaking the budget ! Fabric banners printed at more than 600 dpi, means your graphics will look amazing and attract the attention you require. Why not visually enhance the look of your exhibition booth by "themeing" the booth walls or promote your brand or logo with a powerful graphic backdrop for a conference. Printsmart are very experienced at producing and finishing fabric banners that will really stand out.

We use special light weight, durable fabric materials that are easy to transport . Often taken as on board luggage!

Our fabric banner printing is done using either dye sublimation or digitally at very high resolution to produce great colour reproduction and rich vibrant images. Our most widely used fabric is the Lotus display 160 fabric which is Washable and Fire Resistant. It also folds well and is wrinkle resistant. There are others to choose from. There are a range of options available for attaching or hanging the fabric prints. As booth walls often are covered with front runner carpet , one common option is to sew Velcro hook to the back edges of the banner so that you are able to simply push the fabric banner prints against the walls and in a matter of minutes you have created a visually effective display that will highlight your products or services. This is an economical and easy to set up alternative to the usual free standing pop up displays. it also takes up none of the available space in your exhibition booth. Alternatively we can sew loop pockets into the top and bottom of the banner so that you can hang them with rods from the ceiling or wall . As fabric is so easier to work with than vinyl or poly paper there is a wide variety finishing options available to you. Importantly the cost of these "wow factor ", high resolution Fabric Banners is very economical. Many clients have realised that they don't need to spend a small fortune on elaborate display stands when they can create a tremendous visual impact by covering the exhibition or conference walls in quality fabric graphics. All the banners come in special carry bags. If you are travelling interstate or overseas you will be able to just pack the banners in your luggage, saving a significant amount of money on air or road freight. There is also the peace of mind that you have your displays with you when you get to the exhibition or conference.

Whether you are looking for indoor fabric banners , outdoor fabric banners, custom fabric banners or fabric signs , we can offer a solution. Please ring today on 1300 556 589 to discuss your needs!

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